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Lindsey Hall easylifeT TechtalkAs technology becomes hugely influential to businesses across the country, it doesn’t mean that most understand the rights and wrongs. Lindsey Hall from EasylifeIT™ recently hosted another successful event in the TechTalk series at the Masteroast Coffee Training Centre in Fengate on the 11th of February; which was attended by local small businesses.

TechTalks are a series of bi-monthly discussion based events where Lindsey briefs on the latest IT challenges businesses face on a daily basis. The aim is to help, educate and inform with no product pitches,  introducing you into different and interesting venues whilst learning something new.

Cybersecurity for Small Business was the talking point at this TechTalk; briefing and then discussing with other businesses about what they can do to protect their business and the best way to do so from such things as viruses to malware. The interactive and relaxed format allowed those whMasteroast Coffee Training Centreo attended to take away some real tips and advice to enforce into their businesses.

The event was received very well. "I learnt some interesting things that I can pass onto our team" said Vikki Mason of Helping Hands, and Linda Hayman of Blue River Coaching commented “Loved the presentation; it captured my imagination. Practical, relevant and great expertise”

Lindsey Hall, MD of EasylifeIT and presenter on the day stated; “Most businesses believe that just having an antivirus is enough; it is not! There is no technological silver bullet and no amount of security product which will compensate for carelessness or lack of staff training. Education is absolutely key

EasylifeIT TechTalks are a series of short briefings and Q&A sessions hosted by local companies with an interesting story to tell.


The next scheduled TechTalk is in April 2015 - Venue to be announced

EasylifeIT™ are proud sponsors of Peterborough 900

Written by Lindsey Hall. Posted in EasylifeIT™ News

900 years ago, fire devastated the Anglo Saxon monastery and church of the burgh of St Peter which had evolved through adversity, war and the rampaging Vikings since before the time of the Venerable Bead. In 1118, the Abbot John de Sais laid the foundation stone for a new cathedral project that in the 120 years it took to complete saw the disorder of the Anarchy, Richard the Lion heart ascend to the throne and the emergence of the Magna Carta; signed and brought to life by King John at the pointed swords of the barons. In a time of turmoil it was a labour of love, dedication and devotion which produced the magnificent and unique structure we see today.

In 2014, the cathedral of burgh of St Peter stands amidst a modern and cosmopolitan city, with a culturally diverse population, who casually pass by with little or no thought as to what the Norman crafted Barnack stone has witnessed over these past 900 years. Irrespective of  your faith or beliefs, it is perhaps calming to know that not everything is ephemeral, electronic or fast paced and there is a place for observation and quiet contemplation, exuding timeless beauty and tranquillity in our midst, created by people who were active participants in the creation of both world and our local history.


Lindsey Hall, MD of EasylifeIT and sponsors of Peterborough 900



Work starts today on Peterborough Core's Gigabit network. Why you should care

Written by Lindsey Hall. Posted in EasylifeIT™ News

Today saw the first hole dug for Peterborough's new Gigabit fibre network. Those of us "in the know" have been really enthusiastic about the new Gigabit network coming to Peterborough. Some have asked us why? .... a fair question ..... so here goes! 


What is Gigabit broadband?  

This is best answered by a comparison to your current connection. If you are in Fengate, Orton Southgate, Hampton, Thorpe Wood or Woodston it is likely you will have a connection speed of 3mbps to 5mbps. If you are "lucky" and are benefiting from a BT or Virgin lease line and paying hundreds of pounds per month; you might even see 100mbps. Gigabit is 1000 mbps. 

To put that in perspective; it would currently take you 20-30 hours to download a 90 minute HD movie. With Gigabit it would take you 3 minutes 36 seconds. Not that I would advocate such frivolity in the workplace of course; but such speeds open doors to technologies to improve the bottom line, efficiency and customer communication. 

Given BT have neglected our key commercial areas with no indication of changing their policy, and with Virgin only focusing their affordable services in residential areas; CityFibre's Peterborough Core is our only hope in the foreseeable future to improve our lot at a reasonable cost.


Who are Peterborough Core? 

Peterborough Core is the trading name of CityFibre for the Peterborough Gigabit network. They are laying 90km of fibre around Peterborough connecting up key council sites, schools and colleges. If demand is demonstrated they can also provide the same network to local businesses as the network installation passes by. The availability of the connection however is entirely predicated on that demand being demonstrated and done so early in the process. That time is upon us now. 

The price quoted for a Gigabit connection is estimated at the moment at £250.00 per month. Yes, it may seem expensive for a "broadband" connection; but this is no ordinary broadband connection and adoption of technologies such as VOIP and the associated savings on telephone lines can go a long way to negate this cost, while benefiting form the strategic advantages of both.

CityFibre have setup a website where you can register your interest without commitment. I would encourage all of you who are interested and have not already done so to complete the short form here . It is non-technical, painless and does not obligate you to anything.

What would really help however is if you know of any colleagues who are also suffering appalling broadband and are discontented; please forward this URL on to them and encourage them to also register.

Lindsey Hall
The Yes2Fibre campaign is organised by EasylifeIT and has no commercial interest in CityFibre or PeterboroughCore

CrytoLocker raises its ugly head again

Written by Lindsey Hall. Posted in EasylifeIT™ News

It looks as though the virus CryptoLocker is on the loose again. You might recall we were particularly jumpy about this last year and we have seen another infection in our customer base today.

As per our advice last year, this is a particularly nasty and destructive virus; encrypting all your documents on your PC and potentially on your network drives also. Having done this, you are then presented with a demand for money; the source of which is not really to be trusted to do what they promise even if you do pay over.

The advice as always is:

  • Remember that antivirus is a shield, not a guarantee
  • No amount of protection can compensate for careless or curious browsing
  • Beware swapping USB sticks between computers you cannot be sure of
  • All users should be vigilant against suspicious looking emails or websites; especially any of you still using Windows XP.

For more information on CrytoLocker see the article from Sophos here

Consider changing your passwords online now

Written by Lindsey Hall. Posted in EasylifeIT™ News

It has become apparent that a major hole in the system that encrypts data on major websites has existed for 2 years. The bug has affected many popular websites and services — ones you might use every day, like Gmail and Facebook — and may have quietly exposed your sensitive account information (such as passwords and credit card numbers) over the past two years. Most providers have now applied a patch and closed this hole.

What sites and services have been affected though is not very clear; nor is the extent of the data exposure ..... if indeed there has been any at all ..., but we would recommend you consider changing your passwords on the following sites with immediate effect.


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google & Gmail
  • Yahoo & Yahoo Mail
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon

LinkedIn,  which I know many of us use; does not appear to have been affected. It is not yet clear if Twitter has an issue.

For more information, see the article here from Mashable; which has a list which is being kept up to date

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