National Crime Agency issue 2 week warning of virus attack

The National Crime Agency has today issued an unprecedented 2 week warning of a potential virus attach by Ransom ware applications
CryptoLocker and GoZeus 

In the past 12 months we have seen attacks of these viruses in our customer base. These are very aggressive; encrypting your files and demanding money so you can access them again. This is a criminal enterprise; so there is no guarantee that your files will be saved or your payment card will not be abused. 

More information from the National Crime Agency  

What should you do?

  •  Ensure all machines have antivirus installed and are up to date. Now is not the time to ignore update warnings or alerts
  • Caution your staff to beware any suspicious looking email attachments and be vigilant when on the internet. Antivirus protection is not a guarantee and does not compensate for careless or curious browsing.
  • If your PC is prompting you to install Microsoft or Adobe updates; please do so.

If you need assistance 

You know where we are. Drop us an email or call us on 0800 043 9186

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