Convert the spare room TV into a monitor

After working on a large screen at the office, going to a laptop screen can be a bit of a shock. Its tolerable for a quick email or two or a couple of hours working at home of an evening or weekend, but not so much if you are working from home for an extended time

HDMI – Most television screens at home purchased in the past few years have an HDMI port … as do many laptops. Therefore, with the requisite HDMI cable you can convert that spare room or kitchen television into a monitor


Some tips to help make Zoom more secure

Concerns have been expressed recently over the security of Zoom .. which has been become the choice for many to keep in touch during the COVID crisis. Most are new to the software and the setup has often been done in a hurried manner. There are however steps you can take to make Zoom more secure and protect your meetings. The article below from Forbes details most of these

An alternative to the cumbersome mouse touchpad

Many of you will be working from home right now using laptops without mice, and the touchpads can leave something to be desired sometimes. A few have asked if there are other ways of doing it, and yes .. there is!

Please find below a link (Microsoft Site) to some of the most common

Hope you find them useful

Daddy’s in a meeting! Good video call etiquette

The past few weeks has seen an enormous increase in the use of video conferencing, but it is probably fair to say that we have all seen or committed some violations of good etiquette. The video below is a humorous look at some of the usual mistakes you should try to avoid! Video courtsey of Zoom

See also our article : How should I prepare for a successful video meeting?

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