How should I prepare for a successful video meeting?

How should I prepare for a successful video meeting?

FORE! A technophobe has just joined the meeting 

Before COVID-19 drove us all indoors, I enjoyed the occasional game of golf. Golf has a somewhat stuffy reputation, with some justification. It is particularly well known for its mysterious etiquette, a set of usually unwritten rules, completely separate to the technical rules of the sport but apparently almost equally important. Players are expected to observe this etiquette or face some very severe tutting and muttering. Woe betide you if you tread on the line of another player’s putt. 

Golf is very long established game, so the etiquette has had time to evolve and become part of the game’s culture. Whatever your opinion of its principles, it certainly does create a consistent level of behaviour recognisable in clubs across the world. And much of it is well intended, for example to prevent slow play and show some respect for your fellow golfers. 

Video conferencing by contrast is a very young sport. It has recently experienced an explosion in new players thanks to COVID-19 and extensive home working. People are joining clubs such as Zoom, Teams and Skype and heading off ill prepared for 18 holes. If this were a real golf club, the impact would be quite anarchic and frightening – a load of novices turning up on the first tee with little experience, dodgy equipment and dubious technique. Balls flying in all directions, a few broken windows in the clubhouse and fury in the members’ bar as etiquette disintegrates.  Read More

I’m unhappy with my IT support – what should I do?

I’m unhappy with my IT support – what should I do?

In this article I explain what to do if you outsource your IT support to a third party and things aren’t going as well as they should be.

I don’t know what to ask, let alone understand the answers!

I’ve got an admission to make – IT used to be my least favourite thing at work. It all started from the shock of being given responsibility for the IT function in a very large manufacturing plant. My politics degree hadn’t covered servers, firewalls and networks. I had managerial experience but felt very uncomfortable wearing my new hat. I didn’t know what questions to ask; I wouldn’t have understood the answers even if I did.

Necessity is the mother of invention; I had to reinvent myself pretty quickly. To cut a long story short, I learnt fast enough to survive. I realised how to use the considerable technical expertise of those around me. I now understand from experience that you don’t have to be a techie to be an important member your IT function. I’m now a huge advocate of the power of good systems.

These days, I spend a lot of time helping business people wearing the IT hat who feel as uncomfortable as I used to. I understand their pain, but also the positive difference we (as non-techies) can make with a bit of structured guidance. Read More

What is Microsoft Office 365 and how much will it cost?

EasylifeIT™ partners with IT Governance for compliance and risk management services

Lindsey Hall. Director at EasylifeIT™

Many queries end up here due to confusion surrounding just what Microsoft Office 365 is. So, lets start with what Microsoft Office 365 isn’t …. it isn’t a single product. It is in fact an extensive collection of products; anything from a simple email box to a complete cloud-based ecosystem with software such as Word, Outlook, Excel included.

Some products can be purchased individually and some only as “bundles” of these same products depending on whether you are a home user, small business, enterprise or educational user. Confused? No idea on how to start pricing this up? I guess that is why you are here. Read More

What is CEO fraud and what can we do to avoid it?

What is CEO fraud and what can we do to avoid it?

CEO fraud reputedly cost companies a whopping $1.1bn in 2018 and has been increasing steadily ever since. Impacting any size of company from micro to enterprise it is essential to understand how the scam works to protect your company and employees from it

Firstly what is it?

CEO fraud is when scammers impersonate a company executive making urgent and sometimes confidential requests of a member of staff within the company. Their motivation is usually financial, but we have seen rare instances where confidential data has been requested. Read More

EasylifeIT™ Data Protection Audit

EasylifeIT™ Data Protection Audit


“GDPR – thank goodness that is over! I got fed up with e-mails asking for my consent and inviting me to read privacy notices.”
Relief seems to have been a common reaction to the arrival of the UK’s third generation of data protection laws. After months of media attention and a good deal of confusion, everything seemingly went quiet.

You could be forgiven for thinking the storm had passed. Time to start the clean-up operation and cleanse the inbox of all those GDPR related messages from May you never opened. It all blew over and nothing really happened. It was just like the Millennium Bug. Not quite… Read More

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