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How do I get started with Microsoft Teams?


Video training resources for Microsoft Teams

We seem to be having almost daily conversations about Microsoft Teams right now with the Coronavirus being so disruptive; people have heard of it and are curious to know how to use it and how it can improve their communications with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Most Office 365 Business subscriptions include this product and it can be an impressive aid to teamwork and collaboration. If you have it .. why not use it? The truth is that in most cases, people don’t know quite where to start.

Please find below three excellent, instructor led videos on Microsoft Teams from Microsoft themselves. Read More

What is Microsoft Office 365 and how much will it cost?

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Lindsey Hall. Director at EasylifeIT™

Many queries end up here due to confusion surrounding just what Microsoft Office 365 is. So, lets start with what Microsoft Office 365 isn’t …. it isn’t a single product. It is in fact an extensive collection of products; anything from a simple email box to a complete cloud-based ecosystem with software such as Word, Outlook, Excel included.

Some products can be purchased individually and some only as “bundles” of these same products depending on whether you are a home user, small business, enterprise or educational user. Confused? No idea on how to start pricing this up? I guess that is why you are here. Read More

Microsoft Office 365 hidden gems to make life easier

Services you may not know you have!

Many who use Office 365 do so just to gain a professional email service, or if you have Office 365 Business Premium then you will also enjoy the suite of Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

What most don’t appreciate however is that with your Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium subscription there are some hidden and underused gems here that you can use to make life just that bit easier! (Some are also included with the Microsoft Office 365 Business and Business Essentials subscription) Read More