A month on; the good, the bad and the ugly of Windows 10

A month on;  the good, the bad and the ugly of Windows 10
After the marketing build-up and anticipation of its release, we are now a month on from the release of Windows 10. “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?” remains the single most common question I am asked when out and about. No doubt Microsoft are delighted at reputed 75 million downloads in the first month given Windows 10 is cited as their “make or break” product launch.
As always, there are quibbles and gripes but after using Windows 10 in beta for some months and half our support team using it in production for the 4 weeks, the response has been generally positive and we believe Windows 10 to be the natural and worthy successor to Windows 7

The good, the bad and the ugly of Windows 10

  • The Start Menu is back making the move from Windows 7 far less traumatic
  • Easier to use compared to Windows 8 and a natural progression for Windows 7 users
  • Windows 8 charms are gone (thank goodness) and replaced with the much nicer Action Centre
  • Seamless switching between desktop & tablet modes for 2-in-1 devices.
  • You may encounter some bugs related to activation, updates.
  • Privacy settings need to be changed if you use ‘Express’ set-up.
  • Edge browser is good but lacks extension support; even Microsoft’s own Silverlight
  • No surprise that some software vendors are still playing catch up.
  • Quoted minimum specifications are optimistic at best.
  • WI-Fi sense. A degradation of privacy for the unaware.
  • Forced updates. Some of us still like the choice
Lindsey Hall

As both an entrepreneur and an IT specialist, Lindsey offers a blend of deep technical expertise and commercial insight, delivered in language business owners can really understand and trust. She works with clients to provide a full range of services from strategic advice through to project management and infrastructure support. Lindsey is an accredited Cyber Essentials Consultant