EasylifeIT™ are proud sponsors of Peterborough 900

EasylifeIT™ are proud sponsors of Peterborough 900

900 years ago, fire devastated the Anglo Saxon monastery and church of the burgh of St Peter which had evolved through adversity, war and the rampaging Vikings since before the time of the Venerable Bead. In 1118, the Abbot John de Sais laid the foundation stone for a new cathedral project that in the 120 years it took to complete saw the disorder of the Anarchy, Richard the Lion heart ascend to the throne and the emergence of the Magna Carta; signed and brought to life by King John at the pointed swords of the barons. In a time of turmoil it was a labour of love, dedication and devotion which produced the magnificent and unique structure we see today.

In 2014, the cathedral of burgh of St Peter stands amidst a modern and cosmopolitan city, with a culturally diverse population, who casually pass by with little or no thought as to what the Norman crafted Barnack stone has witnessed over these past 900 years. Irrespective of  your faith or beliefs, it is perhaps calming to know that not everything is ephemeral, electronic or fast paced and there is a place for observation and quiet contemplation, exuding timeless beauty and tranquillity in our midst, created by people who were active participants in the creation of both world and our local history.


Lindsey Hall, MD of EasylifeIT and sponsors of Peterborough 900


Lindsey Hall

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