EasylifeIT™ TechTalks Print and Protect-IT

EasylifeIT™ TechTalks Print and Protect-IT

We have seen a significant uplift in virus and malware incidents these past few weeks; the vast majority circumventing antivirus protection via user interactions with the internet and email.

As part of our TechTalks events on Cyber Security we have produced several documents relating to this issue and stress the importance of providing information to users on the front line to help them avoid infections.

To that end, please find below links to 2 documents which you may use as you think best. While we cant hope to be comprehensive on a single page; these cautions account for the majority of issues we have seen recently. The links below download documents created by myself and hosted on our own website.


EasylifeIT TechTalks Print and Protect-IT: How to best avoid a virus

EasylifeIT TechTalks Print and Protect-IT: Signs that you may have virus



Lindsey Hall – EasylifeIT TechTalks

Lindsey Hall

As both an entrepreneur and an IT specialist, Lindsey offers a blend of deep technical expertise and commercial insight, delivered in language business owners can really understand and trust. She works with clients to provide a full range of services from strategic advice through to project management and infrastructure support. Lindsey is an accredited Cyber Essentials Consultant