Microsoft kicks XP while its down, 2003 end of life this week and why you should have anitirus on your iMacs

Microsoft kicks XP while its down, 2003 end of life this week and why you should have anitirus on your iMacs

Microsoft kicks Windows XP when it’s down

Although Windows XP has been “out of support” since April 2014, Microsoft have continued supporting its own anti-malware product with updates until this week. If you have any Windows XP PC’s running Microsoft Security Essentials then we recommend that you consider your options at this point; the 2 obvious options being either to change your antivirus protection to a third party product that still supports XP, or more sensibly; consider updating the PC to Windows 7 or better

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This week Windows Server 2003 also fell off the update cliff

With every server vendor seemingly emailing about Windows 2003 server going end of life and trying to sell new servers, I would be surprised if you were unaware of the fact. What in practice does this mean though? Does it mean Windows 2003 will stop working? No …. It doesn’t mean that. What it means is Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for their venerable product. It has been described as the “biggest security threat of 2015”, but it that hyperbole? Perhaps, but it certainly has security and for some; compliancy consequences.

A good article laying out the risks and compliance issues is available here

Antivirus for Macs

During our TechTalks on Cybersecurity, it is always apparent that the “Macs don’t get viruses” myth is still alive and well. Apple in fact dropped this claim in 2012 in light of 650,000 users acquiring a Trojan that was unchallenged. It is true that Apple device are far less afflicted by threats but as they become more popular this is changing. Several vendors offer free antivirus for Macs used at home (non-commercial use), the best in our experience being the one from Sophos. If you have Macs in the workplace, we would recommend you speak with your IT support provider regarding your options. No protection though is a folly and is a chink in your IT security armour.

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