Security Advisory: Dodgy links in search engines for software updates

Many have been caught recently with virus infections after trying to update commonly used software from links using Google searches. There is a pernicious practice called “poisoned SEO”; where virus writers are getting their dodgy links to infected websites above the official ones in search engines. This is something to make your team aware of. This can bypass the defences of many antivirus systems and poses a potential risk to your systems.

Keeping software up to date is important
Keeping your software up to date is a good idea for security, but to ensure you get genuine, non-infected sources; here are the official sites for most common requested software updates and ones we have seen malicious links for.
Java : 
Itunes :  
Adobe Flash : 
Adobe Reader :
Skype :

For more information on poisoned SEO and the risks, see the article from Windows Security magazine below 


Lindsey Hall
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Lindsey Hall

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