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Particularly in SMEs, the executive responsible for IT is invariably not a specialist in that field. Most typically the job falls to the Finance Director. At best that person often considers it to be a distraction, at worst a poisoned chalice.

A cost-effective alternative can be to employ a consultant or non-executive director to plug this gap. Easylife IT Director has a team of experienced business people who talk your language and can complement your team.

EasylifeIT™ IT Director is ideal for

  • Businesses who do not need a full-time senior IT specialist, but could definitely benefit from more structured guidance periodically.

Key benefits

  • Strategic overview. Recommending actions to ensure that your company’s IT objectives are aligned with your business plan.
  • Independent agent. For example, undertaking marketplace appraisals, running competitive tenders, assessing suppliers or helping you choose between bespoke or off-the-shelf software solutions.
  • Insight. A perspective on how other companies have coped with similar problems.
  • Confidence. For example, to make investment decisions.
  • Imparting knowledge. Enabling your in-house team to gain confidence so they can become more self-sufficient.
  • Supplementing the in-house team. For example, by providing short-term project management resource to deliver time critical projects.
  • On the ball. Keeping the board abreast of new legislation, such as data protection.
  • Keeping you secure. Raising the profile of emerging threats like cyber crime.
  • Helping you prepare. Planning for the the unexpected through identifying risk and developing business continuity plans to respond and recover in a crisis.

We guarantee

  • To talk to you and your team in plain English, not technical jargon

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