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Remote support connection for customers of EasylifeIT™

Enter the six digit code provided your technician, then click the “Connect to technician” button below. Follow the instructions provided by your technician.


How it works

A small application downloads to your computer to start the support session.

During the session, the Technician is fully able to control your computer.

You retain ultimate control of your PC. If you move your mouse or use your keyboard then you have priority

Once you finish the session, we can no longer see your screen

Remember, only accept support from individuals and organizations you trust.

Sometimes seeing aids understanding!

Rescue Lens allows us to see your issue as if we were right beside you. Rescue Lens allows us a “one time” connection to your phones camera so we can see the problem more clearly. To allow this you need to download the Android or Apple app to your phone. Either use the links on your phone or use the QR codes provided below

Download the Rescue Lens app for iPhone

Download the Rescue Lens app for iPhone

Download the Rescue Lens app for Android

Download the Rescue Lens app for Android