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IT security, also known as ‘cyber security’, can seem daunting with high tech acronyms and impenetrable terminology; it is little wonder most feel it is beyond their reach or budget… but it really isn’t!

The truth is that 6 common sense and cost-effective steps can deter many cyber criminals. The questions you should be asking yourself are:

  • Are firewalls turned on and effectively configured?
  • Do we limit what users can do on their PC’s or laptops?
  • Do we always insist on “best practice” passwords, plus 2-factor authentication, where possible?
  • Is your antivirus protection adequate?
  • Are Windows, Office and other updates turned on and applied regularly?
  • Do you inform and educate your staff on the risks?


An article addressing each point in detail is available here

EasylifeIT™ is a Cyber Essentials certified company and an accredited service partner

We will help you to:

  • Get the basics IT security and cyber security basics right
  • Take a risk management approach
  • Implement and manage changes
  • Adopt Cyber Essentials should you wish to become accredited

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