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IT security, also known as ‘cyber security’, can seem daunting with high tech acronyms and impenetrable terminology; it is little wonder most SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) feel it is beyond their reach or budget… but, it really isn’t!

Cyber security is defined as the protection of internet-connected computer systems and networks from cyber threats, theft or damage to their hardware, software and electronic data. With this in mind, how are you protecting your businesses IT systems?

Not having adequate IT security protection for your business is risky, especially in this current time where cyber security threats and attacks are becoming increasingly common.

Not sure where to start with IT security? That’s where EasylifeIT™ can help you and your business. We’re specialists in delivering IT security solutions and cyber security to businesses throughout the local area of Peterborough.

Accredited IT Security Solutions & Services

The truth is that using 6 common sense and cost-effective cyber security steps, you can deter many cyber criminals from infiltrating and accessing your business’s computer systems.

The questions you should be asking yourself are:

  1. Are firewalls turned on and effectively configured?
  2. Do we limit what users can do on their PC’s or laptops?
  3. Do we always insist on “best practice” passwords, plus 2-factor authentication, where possible?
  4. Is your antivirus protection adequate?
  5. Are Windows, Office and other updates turned on and applied regularly?
  6. Do you inform and educate your staff on the risks?

Interested in finding out more about cost-effective cyber security steps that you can take to better protect and secure your IT systems? We have a full article addressing each point in detail.

EasylifeIT™ is a Cyber Essentials certified company and an accredited service partner

We will help you to:

  • Get the basics IT security and cyber security basics right
  • Take a risk management approach
  • Implement and manage changes
  • Adopt Cyber Essentials should you wish to become accredited

Cyber Security for Businesses Across the UK

Cyber security is important for all types of businesses, no matter where you are based in the UK. Our team is able to provide support for businesses in Peterborough, Norwich and Sheffield.

 Interested in finding out more about IT system security? Contact us!

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